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    Into Nature Films is an independent documentary film production company. We are based in south central Florida between the Lake Wales Ridge and Fisheating Creek drainage of the Everglades. We create artistic, authentic nature conservation films with highly dimensional context. Our multidisciplinary backgrounds (film, ecology, art, environmental philosophy) facilitate more innovative storytelling. Current projects explore new ways to represent the complex narratives between people and ecosystems, fire, protected areas, endangered species, and science.


Recent Videos

  • The Battle of Okeechobee Reenactment

    The Battle of Okeechobee Reenactment

    The Battle of Okeechobee on Christmas Day 1837 was one of the bloodiest battles of the Seminole Wars. For three days in February 2014, the Okeechobee Battlefield Historic State Park along with the Okeechobee Battlefield Friends and the public commemorate the Battle of Okeechobee fought along the north shore of Lake Okeechobee in central Florida. This 10 minute video allows viewers to relive the battle through an excellent reenactment performance, reenactor interviews, fine Florida History art depictions by Jackson Walker, […]

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  • Archbold Internship

    Archbold Internship

    Archbold Biological Station offers 6-12 month internships to recent graduates working on everything from birds to plants, herps, bugs, ranchland, restoration, fire, and education. Interns enjoy a top-notch teaching field station in the unique Florida Scrub islands of central Florida. Get a first-hand account from recent intern Bud Stracker and his advisor, Dr. Raoul Boughton, as they talk about Florida Scrub-Jays, tiny mosquito tools, and more in this eight minute documentary film.

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  • Kissimmee Prairie Fire

    Kissimmee Prairie Fire

    A compilation of three prescribed burns between April and May 2013 in the imperiled and fire-dependent dry prairie ecosystem of Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park. This footage is preproduction for a bigger production featuring the critically endangered Florida Grasshopper Sparrow.

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  • Eveglades Boy Scout Fire

    Eveglades Boy Scout Fire

    National Park Service managers conduct a prescribed fire in cooperation with Boy Scouts of America. Camp Everglades is in the Pine Rocklands of Everglades National Park. This active Boy Scout Camp is in a fire dependent pine forest. Plants and animals that live in this rare and imperiled forest have adapted to frequent fires that are ignited by the abundant lightning that visits the land during summer storms. Humans may have used fire in this area to stimulate the growth […]

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  • Everglades Reel

    Everglades Reel

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  • Pine Rockland Composition

    Pine Rockland Composition

    ‘Pine Rockland Composition’ explores the globally imperiled pine rockland natural community in Everglades National Park and South Florida. Learn about this fire-dependent, subtropical community from a host of human and nonhuman perspectives. This film aired on WPBT Miami PBS in 2012.

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