Into Nature Films is an independent documentary film production company. We are based in south central Florida between the Lake Wales Ridge and the Northern Everglades. We create compelling nature conservation films with dimensional context and authentic stories. Our multidisciplinary backgrounds (film, ecology, art, environmental philosophy, writing) facilitate more innovative storytelling. Current projects explore new ways to represent the complex narratives between people and ecosystems, fire, protected areas, endangered species, and science.

Jennifer Brown is the owner of Into Nature Films. She began her career as a Field Biologist working on conservation biology projects including: Nature internship in Cape York Peninsula, Australia; Tropical fruit bat research in Papua New Guinea and Panama; Endangered bird monitoring in Texas Hill Country and Desert Riparian River Valleys; Threatened snake research in California; and Fisheries monitoring in the Bering Sea.

Jennifer returned to school in 2004 for a Master of Fine Art in Science and Natural History Filmmaking at Montana State University. While producing her student thesis film about the imperiled pine rocklands of south Florida, she worked as the Video Producer for Everglades National Park. After four years with the National Park Service, Jennifer created Into Nature Films.

Rick Anderson is the writer, producer, and fire expert for Into Nature Films. He uses his words to tell the story of fire, people, and the natural history of his native southwest Florida. A son of palmetto country, his writing gives a Florida accent to the works of Into Nature Films.

Into Nature Films aims to produce thoughtful and unique conservation films integrating art, environmental philosophy, natural sciences, and independent film. We produce partnership films that show humans as part of nature and both nature and humans with respect. Our films represent nature as wonderful and complex with a voice all its own. A partnership film of humans and nature is compatible with conservation.

Jennifer Brown filming in the Florida Dry Prairie.


Rick Anderson burning a patch of palmettos in his backyard.