Becoming Red Headed: A Beginner Guide for a Pinewoods Woodpecker
1. When no one is looking, practice the Red Head chatterbox call.
2. Cease all chatter when aerial predators appear.
3. Keep an eye on grown-up Red Heads. They are Pinewoods professionals. They know what to do. Copy them.
4. Get to know all the dead pine trees (snags) in your territory.
5. Hide Fall acorns in secret wood crevices for winter food. Don’t drop them! Remember where you stashed them. You will want them later.
6. Be open-minded with food. Anything goes from insects to fruits, nuts, meat, even shreds of bark.
Follow these steps, and survive the winter. Next Spring, find your mate when your Brown Head becomes a Red Head. Raise a family of your own from an old, dead pine tree in the Florida Pinewoods.
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