At Palmetto Island, home to Into Nature Films, there is a tiny Maple Swamp where animals come to forage.

Florida’s long summer is fading slowly and wetlands shrinking into the sandy soils.

Here in the Northern Everglades, water flows southward until dry season turns the maple leaves to parchment and only the deepest wetlands have water.

Wildlife congregate in these disappearing water holes hunting for the last morsels of wet season.

Wild Hogs are common in these ephemeral swamps.

So as part of an upcoming film about the untold natural history of hogs, Into Nature Films set up a camera in this soggy bottomland.

Our camera waited.

And waited…

We have not yet captured the elusive Sus scrofa.

But our camera found some delightful denizens of the wet woods.

A surprising array of fur, feather and claw.

Dry season is coming.

Enjoy summers’ last breath.

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