Archbold Biological Station launched its news and social media campaign in 2013 to reach out to a broader community. But even now, ‘interesting’ tales are spun about ‘Archibald’. What ARE they doing out there, zipping around on ATVs? They get regular calls about suspicious persons snooping around in bushes. Even with greater public access to Archbold, the big picture of their mission, accomplishments, and goals can be elusive. It is understandable. Archbold scientists, interns, and educators are busy bees doing lots of complicated things. When Hilary Swain, Archbold Executive Director, speaks on the ‘Who, What, and Why of Archbold’, the reaction is always the same: ‘We had no idea Archbold does ALL that!’ In response, Into Nature Films produced in collaboration with Archbold Biological Station a short film ‘We Are Archbold Biological Station’. Please share to help us reach an even broader community.


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