Jennifer Brown (Into Nature Films Owner and Cinematographer) maintains a Firefighter Red Card certification (Arduous WCT) to produce the best fire film representations possible. Here are a few recent projects:

Burning Florida Get a glimpse into a beautiful fire on the Florida Dry Prairie from up high to down low. ‘This short film is dedicated to the people who have the skilled courage to use fire. You know who you are, if no one else does. You extend the ancient practice of fire into this modern world where fire is otherwise tamed. Your work is art. Your painting with flame is an act of compassion for the land and its’ creatures.’ Rick Anderson



Mud Lake Mosaic Our film about humans, wildfire, water and wild things captures the interplay of interstate highways, Florida Panthers, Swamp Lilys and lightning caused fires. In ‘Mud Lake Mosaic’, Big Cypress National Preserve Fire Managers navigate the complexity of a necessary and primeval force.



River of Grass Prescribed Fire Everglades Fire Management uses helicopters and firefighters to ignite this carefully planned fire at Shark Valley in Everglades National Park. See how fire is used to burn away decades of accumulated dead sawgrass during moist conditions to prevent future, and severe, dry season fires which may threaten the habitat of the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow.



The River of Fire The Everglades becomes the River of Fire when fire managers burn the sawgrass prairies. Read film review here.




At Home in the Florida Scrub An educational 20-minute film featuring the threatened, endemic Florida Scrub-Jay who is perfectly at home in the fire-dependent Florida Scrub on the Lake Wales Ridge of central Florida.



Everglades Boy Scout Fire National Park Service managers conduct a prescribed fire in cooperation with Boy Scouts of America. Camp Everglades is in the Pine Rocklands of Everglades National Park.



The Last Dance The film follows Jon Wallace during his last fire as Prescribed Fire Specialist at Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. The Last Dance Fire began as a lightning strike on July 8th in the Refuge interior and burned a total of 12,900 acres.



Fire in the Kissimmee Prairie Spring is the time of year to appreciate the state-endangered Many-Flowered Grasspink orchid which blooms following winter/spring burns adding shades of pink to the colorful postburn landscape of the Florida Dry Prairie.



Sand Pine Scrub Prescribed Fire This short video features a prescribed fire in Sand Pine Scrub at Archbold Biological Station in January 2015.




Deer Hammock Wildfire and Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow An assortment of video clips featuring a summer 2012 lightning-ignited wildfire and the endangered Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow in Everglades National Park.



Belize Fire Into Nature Films worked on the edit for this remarkable project featuring ‘the emerging world of wildland fire in Southern Belize’. Beautiful cinematography by Chad Anderson Conservation Photography.



Pine Rockland Composition This film explores the globally imperiled pine rockland natural community in Everglades National Park and South Florida. Learn about this fire-dependent, subtropical community from a host of human and nonhuman perspectives. This film aired on WPBT Miami PBS in 2012.