Jennifer Brown produced over 32 documentary films while working for the National Park Service between 2/2009 and 12/2012. Here are a few:

Everglades ecosystem cross-section drawn by graphic artist Nate Shaw for 'Everglades Mountains & Valleys'.
Everglades ecosystem cross-section drawn by graphic artist Nate Shaw for ‘Everglades Mountains & Valleys’.

Everglades Mountains and Valleys Everglades National Park is home to diverse and dynamic habitats. Small changes in elevation influence the difference between dry and wet habitats. Explore the Everglades ‘Mountains’ and ‘Valleys’ from a fresh perspective with expert guides along the way.

The River of Fire The Everglades becomes the River of Fire when fire managers burn the sawgrass prairies. Watch how Everglades National Park uses helicopters and airboats to skillfully conduct a prescribed burn in the fire-dependent sawgrass prairie ecosystem. This film was awarded ‘Best Film of the Year’ from National Park Service Fire & Aviation Management in 2013. Read film review here.

Plan Your Visit: Dry Tortugas National Park Dry Tortugas National Park is a remote park about 70 miles west of Key West, Florida. It encompasses a cluster of seven islands including historic Fort Jefferson and surrounding coral reefs. This ten minute video introduces visitors to fundamental trip planning to get to and enjoy this amazing place.

Alligator Cypress Artwork ©Alachua Conservation Trust
©Alachua Conservation Trust

Everglades Perspectives: Hydrology Technician Get a new aerial and ground perspective of Everglades National Park with a Hydrology Technician, Fabian Kahn. Join Fabian during peak dry and wet seasons as he checks remote water monitoring stations.

Fort Sumter National Monument For nine days in April 2011, the National Park Service along with its partners and the public commemorated the first shots of the American Civil War. This 21 minute video allows viewers to get a brief look at what those nine days entailed and the importance of commemorating events such as these.