Filming Wild Hogs was the mission. We are working on a film about feral hogs brought here by Europeans hundred of years ago. So, Into Nature Films went to a wetland in a patch of Florida scrub to film, as local Florida Crackers call these feral hogs, ‘Pineywoods Rooters’.

That was the plan.

Dry season was well underway. The water that all the animals need exists in a few swampy depressions in the rolling sandhills.

That is where one might find hogs doing their rooting.

Just a matter of waiting on this pretty, late December day.

The wait was brief.

No hogs appeared to forage and wallow in this swamp in the scrub.


An assortment of other hunters did appear by surprise.

In nature, in life, surprise sets us up to appreciate the beauty of things.

Watch each hunter use its’ special tools to gather the last bits of whatever they catch.

The Raccoon and flock of Hooded Mergansers forage in their own special way.

To be in nature is to join in the hunt wherever it takes you.

For it is in the hunting that skill develops and species thrive.

Filmed at Archbold Biological Station.

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